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Your First Cape Girardeau Chiropractic Visit: What to Expect

Individuals who are going to their chiropractor for the first time might have a lot of questions about the procedures. Some might be scared, while others are nervous due to lack of proper knowledge about what to expect. Read on to learn more about what usually goes on during your first visit to a chiropractor to make you better prepared for it.

The New Patient Health History

Any initial consultation will begin with your health history.  Much of this takes place in your new patient forms.  It helps your Cape Girardeau Chiropractor gather more information to be able to properly care for your individual health needs!  They want to know past health history as well as what your current symptoms are.  Our goal as Chiropractors is to determine the source of your complaints.  If we can determine the source, we have a much better chance at corrective the cause of your problems!

Some of the intake questions may go as follows:

• When did you first felt the pain?

• How did the pain start?

• Where could you have possibly acquired it?

• Does any factor cause it to ease or become worse?

The point of all this is to provide the data the doctor needs to assess the extent of your current condition.  These will be compared to your previous medical data.


The New Patient Examination

A Chiropractor must perform an exam if he is to determine if he can help you!  Some of these tests are pretty routine.  This will all depend on your condition.  You can pretty well count on the office checking your pulse, blood pressure, respiration, reflexes, and other neurological exams.  These are all necessary for helping determine your unique needs.  At my office we do a computerized screening, which gives us a great deal of information of your health needs.  This screening helps us determine how the nervous system is functioning and will help us determine whether or not we can help your condition in our office.


Diagnostic Studies and Diagnosis

After the first steps are completed it will be determined if further diagnostic studies are necessary.  Depending on your unique finding, it may be determined that x-rays, MRI, or other procedures are necessary.  Of course each step of this process will be explained to your by your Cape Girardeau Chiropractor! 

When all of this data has been compiled your Chiropractor will have the tools required to make an accurate evaluation of your case.  The next step is to determine the necessary care plan and for the doctor to suggest his course of action for the patient’s condition.


How Long Will It Take?

The average first visit will take around an hour.  This all depends upon what is required for your health needs.  This should be enough time to determine if your Chiropractor can accept your case.  He may need more time to decide, depending on the date collected, but an hour is the average case.  Since it is your health condition that is on the line, it is important for Chiropractors not to proceed in haste since some crucial information could be left out in the process, thus risking the health of the patient.


Deciding on a Care Plan

In most cases you should thrilled if your Cape Girardeau Chiropractor does not immediately begin your care on the first day.  To be able to accurately and specifically take care of your needs it is ideal that he take some time and decide on what course of action is best for your case.  Some cases require immediate action, but again none of this should be done in haste!  Your health should be the first thing on your Chiropractors mind…not the time! 

Using the information available to him or her, your chiropractor will prescribe a set of goals for your health.  Again, the extent of the damage and the correction method determined for you will impact the length of your care period. Short-term programs are usually suited for patients who merely suffer from pain caused by dysfunction in the joints or muscles.  If the problem is deeper than that, and has been determined more serious, most Chiropractors will present you with multiple options that will fit your needs. 


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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Jered has done great for me!  I was looking for a doctor in Cape and my friend sent me to see Dr. Jered.  I am so glad he did.  Within days I my back was feeling great and I was back on the golf course."

- Joe R. 

"I had headaches for almost 20 years.  Nothing had helped, and they were getting worse.  Dr. Wayland changed that!  Thanks for everything Doc!"

- Carol B.

"Dr. Wayland is one of the nicest doctors I have ever seen.  You can tell he truly cares and he truly can help you! If you are tired of being sick and tired, call Dr. Wayland."

- Linda G. 

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